Just Released: How Mother Rat Invented the World!

We are delighted to announce the publication of How Mother Rat Invented the World!

“A long time ago, before the sun, the moon, the stars—even before the Earth and sky existed—Mother Rat lived in the workshop.” 

The opening words of How Mother Rat Invented the World tell of a workshop that exists outside of space and time, but to Mother Rat, it is simply the home she shares with her three children, her friend Blue Jay, and the Old Man and Old Woman. For a long time—although since time did not yet exist, we cannot say how long—the Old Man and Woman have struggled to create a universe. Yet, despite all their knowledge of physics and mathematics, all their power and skill, something is always missing from their creations—until Mother Rat, a very practical packrat, shows them the importance of imagination, chance, and love in creating a world we all can share.

Mother Rat’s story is a secular creation myth, a love letter to inventors and the art of invention, and a children’s story for everyone, no matter their age, who embraces imagination, an open heart, and an enduring sense of wonder.

To learn more about Mother Rat, visit her web site . . . To purchase a copy, visit us at Amazon.com.

Swarm: Metamorphosis is a magical realist fantasy that begins when Astrid Lund inherits five seemingly ordinary cats with one extraordinary ability. This ability places her animals—and Astrid—at the center of a three thousand year old struggle between a deadly enchantress and an insane demigod who is determined to use the cats’ abilities for his own terrifying purposes. Transported to the time and place of the cats’ origin—the Homeric Bronze Age—Astrid struggles to protect her animals, to resolve this conflict, and to find a way home. We are planning to release Swarm: Metamorphosis in early 2022. To learn more, visit the Swarm website.

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