We are excited to announce the pending publication of the short story: How Mother Rat Invented the World, by William Stubblefield, with illustrations by Merry Stubblefield. This story, subtitled A Whimsical Story About Serendipity, Love, Creation, Rats and Other Serious Subjects, is a lighthearted take on creation myths.

The story takes place in the workshop where the old man and the old woman are struggling to create a universe. In spite of using all their knowledge of physics and mathematics, their efforts fail repeatedly until Mother Rat, a very practical pack rat, and her three children show them the importance of imagination, chance, and love in creating a world worth living in.

We are currently working on the page layouts for Mother Rat, and plan to publish it as a "short read" on Amazon. Our time table is still taking shape, but if you would like to be contacted when it is published, sign up for the author's mailing list.

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